Monday, 30 April 2012

Life at the end of April.

Finished my dissertation and other bits of work, to a dubious standard no doubt on account of my exhaustion and general dementia by the time of the actual deadline. Then I slept 18 hours, came to hastings, went and got smashed with jacob, shannon, olive, codie and katie (everyone else joined in later) and that was awesome. Then got smashed the next day at the webb house with everyone, plus george, codie and two crazy irish dudes who claimed to drink tequila by the gallon, and that neat tequila was 'pisswater'. That was awesome. Then I went to mums and had bare fruit and veg and a big cooking sessions with her which was good + restorative. Now I'm about to go start work at the warehouse, and I'm having a green tea to wake me up 'cause I only got about 6 hours sleep. This is my life at the end of April.

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