Sunday, 20 May 2012

Exams done!

Thank fuck for that. Not hugely confident about how successful they will have been, but fuck it - they're done. Uni is done... A dizzying thought, that one. The average wage for a uni graduate is a tenner an hour. That would be sooo good. 400 a week. mmmhmm. :) No idea where I will be able to work, though. None at all. Maybe as an archivist. Jess is in Wales on the beach where they filmed a bit of Harry Potter. She's looking at bugs and shit and analysing... I think species diversity? She has a real degree. After medicine, dentistry and engineering, science degrees are the best for career prospects. She is doing a real degree. But I do really love history. it's difficult to really explain why. I mean you can offer the cliches, like studying the past as a guide to how to proceed in the present, and thats true, but it wouldn't necessarily make it fun. But I still find it fun. I should really try and write something soon. Guitar is coming along quite well, and so is cooking. I am a skill monkey. haha. gonna party my arse off this summer I think. I fancy another round of hedonism.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

gonna do a massive workout.

I'm gonna try to do the hardest workout I've ever done to make the day a bit more notable. I'll report back in an hour on how it went, I guess mostly it'll be me trying to come up with creative phrases to express how exhausted I am but being unable by virtue of my exhaustion. here goes!